Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Harper government says no need to consult with Supreme Court re: Senate Reform.

Harper government says no need for top court's advice on Senate reform

Because "Mr. Smarmy Grin" at left there controls his party with an iron fist, And his party controls both the Upper and Lower House absolutely, Little Stevie H, always the last guy picked for hockey as a kid, now considers himself to have the powers of a king. He considers himself above the law. He brushes aside the Charter of rights and freedoms as though it were an irritating fly and thumbs his nose at a supreme court that he considers too liberal for his liking. Hence, the man has an air of absolute power. And I predict his reign will end badly

Friday, June 3, 2011

Senate page fired for protest | Politics and the Nation

With out a doubt, this  21 year old young lady is one "gutsy kid".

That some one with such a prestigious job as  Parliamentary Page would throw their position away for the sake of their beliefs is indeed inspiring. Mind you, she only had two months left on her contract. I wonder how she would explain this on a resume? "Left position because of philosophical differences with employer"?

But what a well timed metaphorical "slap in the face" for dear old Mr. Harper, to have such a noteworthy protest right in the middle of the Governor General reading the throne speech  and right under his nose, just meters from where he was seated. I wonder how many chairs paid the price for this bit of chicanery? (Harper, as has been discovered, is prone to childish outbursts of anger that includes the kicking of chairs)

But leave us hope that this single act of bravery will lead to a ground swelling of public protest and civil disobedience that will not abate until October 19th, 2015. So take note all ye students and Canadians of good conscience: Public assembly is a right. Public protest is a right. But Civil disobedience is now a matter of necessity.