Thursday, February 17, 2011

Will the Real Bev Oda Please Stand Up!

Will the Real Bev Oda Please stand UP!


Oh come on now! I can't be the only one that's noticed the resemblance. And you should hear them talk!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear CRTC, This Story is True...

Dear CRTC, This story is, to the best of my knowledge, true. I have it from a reliable source who I shall refrain from naming. 

According to my source, who just happens to be a "Tory Insider", it is a well know fact that all Harper-Con Cabinet Ministers carry black-jacks. 

As the story goes, bands of these thuggish Cabinet Ministers roam the streets of Ottawa late at night, hopped up on Coca-Cola and Aspirin. They look for poor unsuspecting immigrant types to rob and beat senseless. Usually, the targets are old ladies as they are easier to over come and their purses are easy to snatch.

Curiously, when the stolen purses are recovered, no money is taken from them, just makeup.

One night however, a band of such rough and tough Cabinet Ministers came upon an elderly "Sikh" couple. The Neo-thugs swarmed the trembling couple, took out their black-jacks and began beating upon the helpless duo. 

Apparently, in a desperate, last ditch attempt to save his loving wife of 50 years, the old man drew his dull ceremonial Kirpan and brandished it in his bloodied quivering hand. 

Apparently, several of the Cabinet Ministers spontaneously soiled themselves and the gang fled in all directions. 

The old man later revealed to police that: "the air was suddenly filled with the smell of poop". And as the motley crew disappeared into the shadows, a voice that sounded suspiciously like Steven Harper was heard screaming:" Damn you Guergis, this was your idea you bitch"!

It is unknown if the culprits were ever located as the subsequent police report has been heavily redacted.

So as I said CRTC, as per your proposed new rule, I do believe that to the best of my knowledge and in good faith, that this story is true. I have no reason to believe otherwise.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Welcome to "The"Killing Fields" of Canada

Last year, at a conference of the Manning Institute (founded by the leader of the old Reform Party), Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s former communications director,Kory Teneycke, told a student: “If you have a teacher or examples of teachers who are trying to jam lefty philosophy down your throat, please send me an email. . . I’d love to make them famous.”

Of course, Teneycke meant he'd love to smear these academics in the media and see their careers in ruins. He wants them permanently silenced.

Yes boys and Girls, this is the same Kory Teneycke who, with Stephen Harper, our Prime Minister, met with the powers that be behind Fox News, The Same Kory Teneycke who advocated for Licensing of Sun TV with the CRTC (the same Sun TV on who's behalf the PMO put pressure on the CRTC president to license), the same Kory Teneycke who left Sun TV because of "tampering" with an on-line petition to discredit an attempt by Avaaz to block licensing of Sun TV, the same Kory Teneycke who is now back with Sun TV (aka, Fox News North). The Same Sun TV that almost weekly submits intimidating freedom of information requests regarding the CBC and acts as the PMO's mouth piece. It's hard to know where the PMO ends and Sun TV begins.  

So are you following the thread thus far? Teneycke may not be the Prime Minister's director of communications anymore, but he is still a card carrying Neo-Con and is still Harper's "man" - the man who delivers Harper's message to the masses.
 And now Teachers, Professors and Scientsts aren't permitted to teach and talk about their research without fear of attacks from the Harper Government, either directly or indirectly. They've silenced the "whistle blowers" in the Bureaucracy, now he wants to silence the Universities too? And Sun TV continues to openly and blatantly attack the CBC and progressives. 

The CBC, the voice of Canada, Sun TV, the voice of Harper.

Can you think of other Regimes.... I mean governments who have tried to silence the Academics and the Public Media? I can and none of them were/are democratic.

Can you say "Cambodia (the killing fields)" ? Can you say "
Augusto Pinochet"? Can you say "Mussolini"? Heck, Can you say "Nazi Germany"? Good! Now can you say Stephen Harper? Can you say Kory Teneycke? How about the PMO? All have attacked the public media, all have attacked the academics, all systematically silenced all dissenting voices. Only in Canada, they just haven't killed them..... yet! 

But instead of mass graves, we have stacks of broken lives,  ruined careers,  cowed voices and intimidation. And the number of victims is piling up like cord-wood. Welcome to Canada's Killing Fields.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Attack on Our Rights and Freedoms

What CTV didn"t tell you about Scott Newark

Say what you will about Pierre Trudeau as a Prime Minister, but his legacy and life's work is our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. A codifying of the rights of ALL Canadian Citizens under law. Legal protection for you and I. Except there now seems to be a move afoot to have our "Charter rights" scrapped. And it starts with Stephen Harper who has not only thumbed his nose at Democracy, but at the Charter as well. Case in point, the Harper led Conservative Government spent $1.3 million to ensure Omar Khader's rights were DENIED him. 
And now this, former head of the Canadian Police association and aid to Stockwell Day who claims on National TV that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms only protects Murderers, pedophiles and Judges. 
And there we have it folks. The next target on Harper's De-Canadianizing agenda is our Rights and Freedoms.