Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Return of Michael "The Little Fascist" Sona

For those of you who may recall, it was the little gun-loving Fascist, Michael Sona who was responsible for the disruption of the advanced polling station and near theft of a ballot box at Guelph University during the 2011 Federal Election. The point being to suppress the University vote which tends to be more left-leaning. His actions of course, set a precedent for all advanced polls at all Universities across the country and voter suppression, along with the wide spread dissemination of misinformation and fear-mongering became a central theme and tactic in the eventual Conservative victory

Nothing came from little Mickey's actions that Spring. No charges were leveled, and no one was held accountable. But that entire election was pock-marked by allegations of dirty tricks, vandalism and suppression of the media, all at the hands of the quasi-Tories (a party that is Conservative in name only, the name having been usurped by the carviverous Reform/Alliance Party in  2003). And no one seemed to care, least of all the voters....until now.

Finally, opposition parties are following up on allegations of wide-spread automated phone campaigns that may have cost opposition parties a number of seats, particularly in vote-rich Ontario. Of course, the Reform-a-Cons are countering with their own allegations as they are seldom prone to accepting responsibility for their actions (plausible deniability and slander being the order of the day) and the name of Mickey Sona has surfaced once again. He has apparently been termed a "Tory Staffer" who has resigned in the wake of the "Dirty Tricks" scandal which Liberal Leader Bob Rae has called "Nixonian" in nature.

"Is that a gun under your jacket Mickey or are you just glad to see me"?
Tory staffers are, of course, expendable and are routinely thrown under the wheels of the bus in order to divert shame from the party, the PMO or Harper himself. But also what has become routine, is for resigned Tory staffers to be quietly rehired once the heat has died down. So don't expect we've heard the end of little Mickey Sona quite yet. His is a zeal and willingness to "do what ever it takes to win" that have become a highly valued commodity in the Reform-a-Con party.

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