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A "Progressive" alternative to the Neo-Cons

Today's Conservative Party is Yesterday's Reformists
When this blog was first created about two years ago, it's primary purpose was to bring to light the extreme, radical ideological agenda of the current Conservative Party of Canada and it's "Straussian" leader, Stephen Harper. I wanted to stress that this "new" Conservative party was not the Conservative party of our forefathers, that it is nothing more than the ideologically driven Ant-Canadian Reform/Alliance party that, through skillful manipulation, lies and deceit managed to lay claim to the "Conservative" name, thereby lending it a huge and entirely undeserved measure of credibility. I wanted to point out that the CPC are "fake Conservatives". They wish to "conserve" nothing of our democratic or socially responsible tradition. They are not Tories, they are not Progressives and I seriously doubt their credibility as Canadian citizens given their apparent intention  to change Canada beyond all recognition. 

When the Reformists succeeded in stealing the Conservative name back in 2003, they promptly dropped the "progressive" label. Though the old party adhered to capitalistic fiscal and economic policies,the "Progressive" moniker  honored the PCs belief in  responsible social and environmental policies. The CPC most certainly do not and many of the PCs, recognizing this, refused to have anything to do with the new abomination that was spawned by the Unite the Right movement. Former Prime Minister Joe Clark chose to sit out his remaining time in Parliament as a Progressive Conservative rather than join Stephen Harper in his quest to destabilize and ultimately, destroy Canada's social and democratic institutions and system of beliefs. 

Honorable Sinclair Stevens
Rather than recognize the merger of the two political entities to the right of centre, the Honorable Sinclair Stevens, a former Cabinet Minister in the Government of Brian Mulroney joined with several of his Progressive compatriots to form the Progressive Canadian Party. While this new party remains low profile and has garnered little in the way of attention from the main stream media to date, it's goal is to offer moderate Conservatives a viable alternative to the radical agenda of the CPC. It aims to restore the "PC" alternative at the federal level.  

Progressive Canadian Party
While I don't necessarily endorse this new PC alternative, I believe it's existence is essential to the democratic process in this country. Since the unification of the political right in Canada, there has been only one voice for Conservatives; Stephen Harper's, whose iron-fisted dictatorial rule of both his party and the country have stifled the voices of the true Canadian Tories, the moderate, Progressive Conservatives. These voices, the voices of reason, must be allowed to be heard once again on Parliament Hill because they are reflective of the millions of Conservative Canadian citizens whose values are not currently represented by the CPC. It's time for the oppressive reign of the CPC to end.

The new PC party is fielding a candidate  in the upcoming Calgary Centre bi-election. Below is a statement from Sinclair Stevens and a brief bio of the PC candidate, Ben Christensen:  

PC Party Candidate in Calgary Centre
For Immediate Release August 27, 2012

Newmarket, Ont. - 
The Honourable Sinclair Stevens, Leader of the Progressive Canadian Party, is pleased to announce that the PC Party will be running local businessman Ben Christensen as the first True Tory candidate in Calgary Centre since former prime minister Joe Clark was the riding's Progressive Conservative MP.

The Progressive Canadian Party was registered in early 2004 by Progressive Conservatives as the continuation of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. It provides Canadians with a genuine Tory alternative to the provincialism, continentalism, and neoconservatism of the party led by Stephen Harper. With "PC Party" on the ballot, it continues to offer policy directions consistent with those of progressive-conservative prime ministers from Sir John A Macdonald onward. 

The Calgary Centre by-election is expected this fall following the resignation of CPC MP Lee Richardson on 31 May. Richardson left the Harper caucus to become principal secretary to Alberta's Progressive Conservative Premier Alison Redford 

Mr. Christensen, a local Calgary businessman and recently in the news as the litigation advisor to the Occupy Calgary protesters, was quick to note the continuing ideological divisions between former Progressive Conservatives and the Reform Party turned Canadian Alliance turned CPC and has been somewhat amused by attempts to dismiss the divisions between old Reformers and PCs as mythology.

"Stephen Harper is described as a libertarian not a conservative by commentators like CTV's Craig Oliver, certainly not as a progressive-conservative, and Harper's firewall federalism, which he terms "classical federalism", is actually American, the opposite of the Tory vision of a united Canada.

"The newly nominated Harper candidate in Calgary Centre is identified with the Wild Rose Alliance, and that's not Progressive Conservative - nor the choice of Calgarians or Albertans," Christensen concluded. 

PC Party Leader Stevens continued, "Ben will, over the next several weeks and into the election, be seeking opportunities to meet with his fellow Calgarians to discuss several issues of both local and national interest. Watch for him!"

- 30-
For more information on the issues raised above:

The Hon. Sinclair Stevens, 
PC Party Leader,


Ben Christensen is a true blood Calgarian. After graduating from high school in southern Alberta, Christensen returned to his home roots in Calgary to pursue his passion for business as a youth entrepreneur. His later involvement with the Occupy Calgary movement and his passion for human rights made him a recognized leader in the community as human rights advocate. 
   He founded a well known automotive business in the Calgary area and continues to contribute and dedicate much of his time to preserving equality and human rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms, believing that the veterans of our country who fought for these freedoms deserve to be respected and given better support within the community.
   His involvement in the business community and his belief that small business is the root of economic progress have earned him acknowledgement with the founders of organizations like the Canadian Shoppers Club and the Corporate Group of Allied Associates and The Remarkable Man Project groups with which he actively participates and in which he holds membership.
   As a new face in the political community Christensen states that he is here for the people of Calgary to listen and respond to their concerns. As a genuine True Tory Christensen has vowed that he will work to restore the public trust in government and leadership that has been tarnished by the neo-Con agenda.
  "I am a Calgarian and I value the feedback and opinions of my fellow Calgarians. This is why I believe it is time to let Calgary have a voice instead of being graced by the occasional chinook of hot air we have been getting from some of our current representatives."
   Christensen will be appearing over the next several weeks to homes and events in the Calgary Center riding to meet his fellow Calgarians and hear about their concerns and feedback.

Ben Christensen at an "Occupy Calgary" Protest

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