Friday, October 8, 2010

The Reform/Conservative's Stephen Harper's Environmental Plan

As I said in previous posts, one of the bench-marks of a "Progressive" Conservative, is that, even though they prefer the status-quo in many things, they know when it's time for a change. And when it's time for the change to be made, they gather the facts, consult with experts and weigh the data. Once they are convinced of the appropriateness of the course, then and only then will they enact the necessary changes. 

Implementation of the Kyoto Protocol was one such time where not only Canada, but all the industrialized countries in the world (except the USA) agreed that change had to be made in the Green House gases being emitted by our respective industries. The Liberal Government at the time of the protocol had been criticized for their inactivity. But as then Minister of the Environment Stephan Dion said,  you can't meet these targets over night. They have to be balanced off with their impact on the economy. By the end of that Liberal Governments tenure, Dion's plan for implementation of Kyoto was ready, but it was too late. 

The subsequent election saw the Reform Conservatives come to power. Their Leader, Stephen Harper not only rejected Dion's proposed plan for implementation, he rejected Kyoto completely, even though Canada had committed to doing it's share for the sake of the planet. I assume that Mr. Harper felt that the plan would be too tough on industry, especially the Alberta Oil sands, the worst polluter in the country. If you'll recall, Mr. Harper was one of the founding father's of that western-centric party known as the Reform Party that eventually became what is known today as the Conservative Party. But not only did Mr. harper block attempts at Environmental reforms here in Canada, he and his ministers at every opportunity, blocked attempts by world leaders to come to agreement on reasonable attainable standards.....before it is too late. 

So Mr. Harper trumpeted a "Made in Canada" solution to the environmental issue. What follows is a video of the Energy Minister at the time,John Baird , introducing the Reform Conservative plan for the environment. 

So as you watch this brief video, please ask your self: "Does this sound like the well researched and thought out plan of a Conservative"?, " Does this sound like a Socially Conscious Plan that a "Progressive" such as John Diefenbaker  would approve of"? "Does this sound like Canada being the good members of the international community we have become known for"? "Just who is this plan for anyway"? AND IS THERE STILL ENOUGH TIME TO SAVE THE PLANET DESPITE THE REFORM CONSERVATIVES ACTS OF INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL TERRORISM"?

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