Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Results of Last Two Polls

For those who might be interested in the results or may have missed the final tallies, here are the Final results of the Last two "Take Back The Right" Polls.

"What value best defines Canadian Society": "Tolerance" won with 100% of the votes, mind you, only a hand full of readers voted.

"Who was Canada's best Prime Minister of the Last Half century": Well there was much better reader response to this poll. I don't think the top "pick" is that much of a surprise but I think there are a couple of other interesting outcomes. 

Pierre Trudeau:     53%
Lester B. Pearson: 40%
Jean Chretien:      33%
Joe Clark:             13%
John Diefenbaker:  6%
Brian Mulroney:      0%

It seems that the top 3 candidates were all Liberal. A reflection I think of Canada's "Progressive" social values. I had considered John Diefenbaker's 6% rating a result of how much time has elapsed since his tenure as Prime Minister, but then I see that Lester Pearson, who was the P.M. following Dief received 40%. So voters may well be remembering the Chief more for the "Aerro" controversy than for his social policies. 

I think it is quite telling that, in spite of the fact he was only Prime Minister for nine months, Joe Clark garnered 13% of the popular vote which placed him in 4th place. And I did raise an eyebrow to see that Brian Mulroney received 0% of the votes. Despite his term as P.M. ending over 20 years ago, His unpopular decisions such as the GST and Free Trade (both of which are still in place by the way) and his failed attempts to bring Quebec into the Constitutional fold are still fresh in Canadian's minds. Add to that the specter of controversy as a result of his business dealings with Karlheinz Schreiber, and Mr. Mulroney was clearly blown out of the water in terms of popularity, despite whatever good intentions he may have had.  

So all in all, I would say there were some pretty interesting results. I hope readers are as intrigued by our next poll: "Reasons why Canada failed to gain a Seat on the UN Security Counsel" 

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