Sunday, December 12, 2010

So What Exactly DOES Harper Care About?

Elections Canada takes Tories to task over hidden campaign expenses - The Globe and Mail

So here is a rather abbreviated list of the things the Harper-Cons don't really care about:

- They don't care about  Environment. This is demonstrated by their refusal to comply with Canada's commitments to Kyoto when they first came to office in 2006. Subsequently, Harper has established no real policy or agenda regarding the environment and has  instead, attempted to dazzle Canadians with smoke and mirrors.

Harper has opened up once protected land in the North West Territories to Mining.

The Cons are allowing Canadian Coast Guard research vessels to be used by Big Oil companies such as BP (The Oil spill king) to troll for oil in the Arctic.

The Reform/Cons have removed funding for The Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Science, a major Canadian agency that has funded hundreds of projects researching the effects of climate change at local levels.  

Harper and the Cons continue to refute the environmental Impact of the Alberta Oil Sands. 

Canadian Diplomats have been actively promoting Alberta Oil with Big American Oil Lobby groups in an effort to get them to "Buy Alberta" and to influence American Environmental Policy.

Harper has allowed Enbridge to begin construction of a pipe line from Alberta to the B.C. Coast despite a majority of both Federal and Provincial officials objecting to the presence of Oil Tankers off B.C.s pristine coastline. 

Canada has no emergency action plan in the event of an oil spill in the Arctic.

Jim Flaherty has claimed that he sees a future where Canada will be an energy Super Power. I'm sorry, but you can't be both an Energy Super Power and environmentally responsible. 

- Harper doesn't care about You and Me: As citizens of Canada we are deemed to be expendable in Harpers maniacal push to have his agenda fulfilled. Case in point, the government has gone to great lengths to downplay or completely dispel the notion that the oil Sands are having any kind of health effect on Local First Nations people. 

It Doesn't matter that both the Oils Sands and Mining in the Horn Plateau In the NWT will have an irreversible effect  on First Nations traditional way of life in those regions.

Harper refuses to repatriate Canadians charged with criminal offences in Foreign countries... unless they are a middle aged white Anglo-Saxon Protestant woman convicted of fraud in Mexico. 

Harper had an independent members bill killed by the Senate that was intended to see to it that disabled Nortel Employees get a reasonable share in the company's bankruptcy proceedings. And this just seemed to be out right mean spirited. Who knows how this fits into Harper's agenda, but with a stroke of a pen, he screwed over 400 or so Desperate Canadian Citizens. 

- Harper doesn't care about Gays, AIDS, Impoverished African nations,  Palestinians, most anyone else who isn't white and Christian. It is quite well known that Harper has very strong religious and Conservative views about Gays and Gay marriages. He and his narrow minded cronies have only put up with them until now because they have been restricted by the confines of a minority government. But now that Harper has learned how to manipulate Democracy and the rule of majority through the debasement of the Senate, look for this to change fairly soon.

Harper has developed no policy nor even attended any international conferences held on the scourge of AIDS. In Africa, the continent that is most devastated by the virus, Harper is reducing financial support and tying what support that remains to whether or not the money will be used to fund legal abortions. Canada you see, won't fund abortions in poor developing nations. He barely puts up with it here in Canada where therapeutic abortions have been legal for over 40 years. But give him time, especially if he's elected with a majority in the Spring of 2011.

Harper, instead of keeping the flow of money to poor developing nations in Africa going, is beginning to siphon of huge sums of money, diverting those funds to South American Countries that are by and large, better off than their African counterparts and, coincidentally, predominantly Catholic, which African nations are not. Of course, In Catholic countries, Abortions are not condoned.

Harper has stated his blind, unequivocal,  un-repentant support for the state of Israel. He has told the Palestinians there can be no peace until they cease their assaults on their Jewish neighbours. Therefore, there can be no Palestinian state. There is no mention however, of Israel encroachment on Palestinian land with the continued construction of settlements, or the treatment of Palestinian citizens by the Israeli military.

- Harper doesn't care about Democracy: Harper did exactly what he said he would never do, appoint a Senator to the Upper Chamber. So not only was this a lie, it was a whopper. He has appointed no less than 32 Senators with in a short period of time, most of them Conservative Cronies who weren't successful in obtaining seats in the Elected House of Commons. So the Harperist Reform/Cons now have an undisputed majority in the Senate and Harper has complete and utter control over these men and women. He has no remorse what so ever in using them to arbitrarily pass or kill any bill he wants, regardless of whether or not it received majority support by the elected official in the Commons. "Democracy be damned". Say's he 

As we all know, Harper has not once but twice, Prorogued Parliament. Once in 2008 to avoid a vote of non-confidence which would have seen him hand over the reigns of Government to the Elected Majority in the House, and again in 2009 in an effort to halt all debate and investigation over the alleged abuse of Afghan Detainees who Canadian Troops routinely hand over to the notorious Afghan security forces. It has been a year now since that occasion and there has still been no answers or accounting from the government regarding this issue.

The Government has told Staffers not to attend as witnesses at Committee hearings. For that matter, as in the Detainee issue, even Ministers don't show up. And in what ever committees the Cons participate in, they continue to play the same unseemly and unethical hyper-partisan politics that they play on a daily basis in the Lower, and now Upper Houses, thereby obstructing the effectiveness of any committee work.

Harper spends $16 billion to buy fighter aircraft without consulting with Parliament and in that same vain, refused to consult with our elected officials when he decided to extend Canada's mission in Afghanistan past the 2011 dead line he himself had established. 

-And now, it appears that Harper cares nothing for the law: As per the article linked above, Harper has basically given Elections Canada the finger with regard to the allegations (well substantiated by proof by the way)That the Cons over spent on their National Campaign budgets in 2006 and knowingly miss-allocated funds in an effort to disguise the extra expenditures. Harper and his Cronies have promised to have EC tied up in court indefinitely in an effort to cover up their indiscretions. 

But this Government taking people to court is nothing new. They routinely have waged wars of attrition on whistle-blowers or those seeking damages from the Government, their apparent tactic being to appeal and to appeal again until these people run out of money, or simply go away in frustration. 

The Harper Government spent $1.3 million of tax payers money to ensure that Omar Khadr would not only remain in Guantanamo Bay but guarantee that his rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedom as well as various UN accords would continue to be denied him. The Supreme Court of Canada found the Harper Con Government to be seriously in breech of the Charter but stopped short of ordering them to repatriate the young man. So instead, The Harper Cons allow him to plead guilty in front of a Kangaroo Court and continue to deny this boys rights under law.

So with all this, and this is far from being an exhaustive list, just what does Harper and the Harpies care about? Well they care about Alberta Oil. It is their primary reason for being in Ottawa. They care about clinging to power. They will bend, break and outright obliterate the rights of others, the law and Democracy itself to do so. They Care about Alberta Oil too by the way. Oh, and Harper Governs according to his own narrow minded ideology as shaped by his religious beliefs.So he cares about Christianity, no matter how un-Christian his views and actions seem to be.

Oh, and have I mentioned that Harper's primary goal is to protect and promote Alberta Oil?

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