Thursday, December 9, 2010

This Should Result in a Vote of Non-Confidence

The Following is a copy of an email I sent to half a dozen or so Liberal and NDP Members of Parliament including Michael Ignatieff.:

"Dear Friends and elected Canadians

The following is a twitter post (sorry, just can't bring my self to say tweet) posted by me.

"This was a sleazy, cheesy move that should result in a vote of no-confidence:Ottawa opens Arctic to miners via @AddToAny'"

Please take note of the subject matter. "Ottawa opens up Arctic to miners".

That this move should even be considered is unconscionable.  But the manner in which it was carried out was criminal. It was, as in true Harper fashion, all done behind the backs of Canadians and Parliament to boot. There was NO discussion, NO consultation, NO debate.

One has to wonder what lobbiests got to Mr. Harper this time? And Who is getting kick-backs from this deal this time.

This is just further proof that Harper Cares NOTHING for the environment, cares NOTHING for the country and cares EVEN LESS about democracy. How long will this man be allowed to RAPE our country. He has manipulated himself into a position of absolute power because of having full control of the Senate. He can pass or turn down any bill he wants to now. He has made a MOCKERY of the
House of Sober Second Thought and of the entire Canadian Democratic system. He has tarnished it beyond recognition yet NO ONE will make an effort to stop this MEGALOMANIAC!

There was a failed attempt at a coalition in 2008. I wonder if anyone will take one seriously now, or if the parties involved would even be willing any more. Even if there were a federal election tomorrow, if Harper was re-elected with a minority, (heaven help us all if he ever got a majority) his being allowed to rule should not even be an option. It should be" government  by coalition".

This man is a criminal. He has violated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms countless times and lied, cheated and stolen is way into absolute power. He MUST BE STOPPED. WHEN WILL OUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES STEP UP TO THE PLATE FOR THE SAKE OF THE COUNTRY?

Please, for the sake of Canada, for the sake of the great society that we hold dear, for the sake of our loved ones and our children's future. Please put a stop to this man before it is too late.


Please Get active. Get Involved. Write your MP, tell him/her that enough is enough. We, as Canadians, lovers of Peace, freedom and democracy demand our Country be returned to us.

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