Sunday, May 6, 2012

Beware the "Tweeting Tory"!

I need to say right off that my use of the word "Tory" in the title above is a complete and utter  misnomer. I am of course, referring to the New Conservative Party of Canada, also known as the old Reform Party of Canada. Some may think of them of the Alliance Party, but Reformists know nothing of alliances, just power, control and domination. 

When the Reform Party managed to steal the Conservative name from the Old Progressive Conservatives in 2003 with the help of Peter MacKay, they acquired for themselves something they never had before- the illusion of credibility -  and the mainstream media, blithely and erroneously lent credence to that illusion by insisting on referring to this new abomination as the "Tories" instead of labeling them for what they really are, "Reformists". But that was strictly for the sake of conserving space in the head-lines instead of being more creative with their wording, much as most of us have had to become with the advent of Twitter.

 So because this misnomer has become an accepted norm, I have also stooped to using it in MY headline. But make no mistake about it, this group of Reformists who claim to be Conservative are really something light-years to the political right of that and resemble nothing of what the old "Tories" stood for. Whether you agreed with their politics or not, there was at least a modicum of honor and integrity attached to that moniker. There is nothing but greed, idealism and corruption attached to the Reformists that currently pretend to be our government. 

But I digress from the point of this post - which is to say, to all you twitterphiles out there, beware who you engage in the public domain. I know of at least three people who have had their accounts suspended, erroneously, for "spamming" after attempting to engage a Reformist in open dialogue on Twitter. It seems that rather than simply blocking the person attempting to engage them, as most civilized folk would do, the Reformist (s) saw fit to be spiteful and report them as "Spammers" instead, thus causing the engager to have his/her twitter account suspended. So much for open dialogue, public debate, freedom of expression etc. As is typical CPC fashion, these Reformists would rather suppress the exchange of ideas and attack anyone who might disagree with their ideology. Oh, and this may be totally coincidental here, but it seems the common denominator in all three of these cases is Stephan (anti-choice) Woodworth. All three people attempted to converse with him on Twitter.

This is what typical Reformists look like when they are presented with an honest question that challenges their agenda:  

Note the idiosyncratic "Finger Pointing" behaviour...

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