Sunday, May 27, 2012

Can we find 13 Conservative MPs to Vote against C-38?

Can we find 13 Conservative MPs (the PC kind, not the Reformist kind) who are fed up with the Harper regime? Surely some of the Old-School Progressive Conservatives must be aghast at what The Government of Harper is doing to Canada? Surely there must be any number of backbenchers who are tired of being Bullied by Harper and the PMO? Surely there must be numerous Conservative MPs who's  conscience is not letting them sleep at night, who are ashamed of the corruption? We only need 13 of them to "do the right thing" and oppose the repressive Harperites and vote against C-38. Better yet, Are there 13 willing to cross the floor  or to become independents? 

Hint: I wouldn't bother with Ted Optiz (Etobicoke Centre)

Here is a list of Harper-Con MPs by province with links to their constituency offices. Canadians, do your stuff!

MP - Gail Shea

Nova Scotia
West Nova
MP - Greg Kerr

New Brunswick
Tobique - Mactaquac
MP - Michael Allen

Roberval - Lac-Saint-Jean
MP - Denis Lebel

York Centre
MP - Mark Adler

Winnipeg South Centre
MP - Joyce Bateman

Yorkton - Melville
MP - Garry Breitkreuz


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