Friday, January 7, 2011

Harper’s embrace of ‘ethical’ oil sands ignites new arguments about our own "dirty oil"

“By hearing Minister Kent use that phrase (ehtical oil), and pound the pulpit around it, it does sound like Ezra Levant is writing media lines for the Minister.”

Mr. Whittingham (Of the Pembina Institute) accused the Harper government of embracing the ethical-oil argument to shift attention away from its own failings in the oil sands. A report by scientists at Canada’s Royal Society last month painted Ottawa as an absentee oil-sands overseer and lamented Alberta's weak regulatory system, adding both governments' efforts haven't “kept pace” with development.

Sierra Club of Canada executive director John Bennett said Canada should focus on improving its own record rather than attacking other countries. “The fact that the Saudis or Nigerians or others are worse in human rights and environment is not relevant. We can’t do anything about that; we can deal with our oil sands and we are not.”
Ed Whittingham of the Pembina Institute

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