Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kent shrugs off Science in Favour of Levent Rhetoric.

So as per the article by Ms. Payton above, the federal Government, in particular the new Environment Minister Peter Kent, is not only thumbing it's/his nose at the concept of the Oil Sands polluting the Athabasca River, They/he is claiming the research is wrong, even though the research was published in an accredited peer reviewed journal.

Previous Environment Minister Jim Prentice was convinced enough to form a panel of experts to look at the harm being caused to the Athabasca. In fact, he was so convinced, he informed the U.S. ambassador informally that he planned on implementing tougher environmental limits on the Oil Sands. But of course, Prentice suddenly announced his retirement from Federal Politics out of the blue, before anything was implemented. His only rationale for leaving public life being "it was time".

So not only is Mr. Kent saying the scientists are wrong (which in itself is mind boggling. I wonder where or when the Ex. Journalist obtained his doctorate in Environmental Sciences) but his predecessor and colleague was also wrong.

But leave us not forget that all New-Conservative Cabinet Ministers are nothing more than Stephen Harper's hand-puppets. Their words are his words and heaven help anyone who deviates from the script. And obviously, Mr. Kent has quite a bit of experience reading from a tele-prompter.

So "science be damned". The Harper Government has decided to form it's policies and talking points based on the very un-scientific ramblings of Ezra Levant, former aid to Stockwell Day, columnist and TV anchor of the fledgling Fox news No.... I mean Sun TV cable station. Mr. Levant also happens to be the author of the book "Ethical Oil" which has recently become Mr. Kent's motto when discussing the Oil Sands.

So as was predicted by many Ottawa observers, Kent is not a better steward of the Environment, he's just a better salesman for the Oil Sands. And we inch ever closer to Jim Flaherty's prediction that Canada will become an energy "super power". A dirty, filthy, world killing, unethical Super Power.

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