Monday, January 31, 2011

The Hypocrisy of Harper's Democracy

It was quite interesting to watch Prime Minister Harper's reaction to the Egyptian crisis when he landed in Morocco. He dithered something in quite decisive tones about "Democracy". It was plain though that he had no pat answer to this topic, the boys at the PMO were snuggled as safely as little bugs in a rug back in Ottawa while Reverend Stephen appeared rather uncomfortable with how close he was physically to the chain reaction of unrest that is now spreading through Northern Africa.

Harper had business in Morocco and he seemed eager to get on with it an out. As a result of his hastily concluded business trip, we now have a free trade agreement with Morocco. Morocco will get all the usual stuff Canada has to offer, wheat, corn, barley, and probably a few Canadian specialities such as asbestos and a couple of barrels of filthy unethical Canadian oil. And Canada gets..... um..... well lets just say the price of Hash-pipes is about to go through the roof.

But once safely back in Canada, Harper had his flunky, Lawrence Canon, the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Or is that Minister of Foreign "Eclairs"? No, on second thought. Larry is probably a "do-nut and double-double" kind of guy, Eclairs being far too limp wristed for his liking.... "God damn it I bit into one of those faggoty pieces of crap and the son of a bitch spewed in my mouth...god damn faggoty French pastry"!) make a formal announcement on the É affair.

In his statement said “Canada calls on all parties to remain calm and to continue to respect freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law. We call on the Government of Egypt to ensure that freedom of expression is respected..."

I wonder if Hosni Mubarak issued a similar statement to Canada during the G20 unrest when thousands of innocent Canadian Citizens were beaten, brutalized terrorized and arrested with out cause. The same G20 that saw journalists detained, police cars set on fire, civil liberties suspended including the right to peaceful protest and saw visitors to Toronto staying at a youth hostel awoken by the punishing toe in the gut from jack-booted, baton wielding special-forces types. 

It would have been sweet irony for sure. But in light of our own Governments "Iron-Fisted" approach to civil unrest, even when there really wasn't any to start with, it is indeed hypocritical of the Harper ...government to be pointing fingers and screaming for democracy and rule of law from another country. Talk about people living in Glass Houses throwing stones..... What hypocrisy!

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