Saturday, February 12, 2011

Welcome to "The"Killing Fields" of Canada

Last year, at a conference of the Manning Institute (founded by the leader of the old Reform Party), Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s former communications director,Kory Teneycke, told a student: “If you have a teacher or examples of teachers who are trying to jam lefty philosophy down your throat, please send me an email. . . I’d love to make them famous.”

Of course, Teneycke meant he'd love to smear these academics in the media and see their careers in ruins. He wants them permanently silenced.

Yes boys and Girls, this is the same Kory Teneycke who, with Stephen Harper, our Prime Minister, met with the powers that be behind Fox News, The Same Kory Teneycke who advocated for Licensing of Sun TV with the CRTC (the same Sun TV on who's behalf the PMO put pressure on the CRTC president to license), the same Kory Teneycke who left Sun TV because of "tampering" with an on-line petition to discredit an attempt by Avaaz to block licensing of Sun TV, the same Kory Teneycke who is now back with Sun TV (aka, Fox News North). The Same Sun TV that almost weekly submits intimidating freedom of information requests regarding the CBC and acts as the PMO's mouth piece. It's hard to know where the PMO ends and Sun TV begins.  

So are you following the thread thus far? Teneycke may not be the Prime Minister's director of communications anymore, but he is still a card carrying Neo-Con and is still Harper's "man" - the man who delivers Harper's message to the masses.
 And now Teachers, Professors and Scientsts aren't permitted to teach and talk about their research without fear of attacks from the Harper Government, either directly or indirectly. They've silenced the "whistle blowers" in the Bureaucracy, now he wants to silence the Universities too? And Sun TV continues to openly and blatantly attack the CBC and progressives. 

The CBC, the voice of Canada, Sun TV, the voice of Harper.

Can you think of other Regimes.... I mean governments who have tried to silence the Academics and the Public Media? I can and none of them were/are democratic.

Can you say "Cambodia (the killing fields)" ? Can you say "
Augusto Pinochet"? Can you say "Mussolini"? Heck, Can you say "Nazi Germany"? Good! Now can you say Stephen Harper? Can you say Kory Teneycke? How about the PMO? All have attacked the public media, all have attacked the academics, all systematically silenced all dissenting voices. Only in Canada, they just haven't killed them..... yet! 

But instead of mass graves, we have stacks of broken lives,  ruined careers,  cowed voices and intimidation. And the number of victims is piling up like cord-wood. Welcome to Canada's Killing Fields.

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