Thursday, February 10, 2011

Attack on Our Rights and Freedoms

What CTV didn"t tell you about Scott Newark

Say what you will about Pierre Trudeau as a Prime Minister, but his legacy and life's work is our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. A codifying of the rights of ALL Canadian Citizens under law. Legal protection for you and I. Except there now seems to be a move afoot to have our "Charter rights" scrapped. And it starts with Stephen Harper who has not only thumbed his nose at Democracy, but at the Charter as well. Case in point, the Harper led Conservative Government spent $1.3 million to ensure Omar Khader's rights were DENIED him. 
And now this, former head of the Canadian Police association and aid to Stockwell Day who claims on National TV that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms only protects Murderers, pedophiles and Judges. 
And there we have it folks. The next target on Harper's De-Canadianizing agenda is our Rights and Freedoms.

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