Saturday, April 16, 2011

Arrest the Fascist-Con Sona!

The man/child on the left is the Harper-Con Fascist Michael Sona. He is a Con operative, a party insider who at the behest of his over-lord, tried unsuccessfully to stop University of Guelph students from exercising their democratic right to vote.  He tried to intimidate students, tried to physically stop one particular female student from casting her ballot (what a man!) and attempted to steal a sanctioned Elections Canada ballot box.

Word from the Cons is that "no member" of the party actually laid hands on the box. This is of course, a matter of semantics. The attempt was made and had an Elections Canada official not intervened, Sona would have been successful in absconding with a legitimate and legal ballot box, property of the crown, a federal offense.

In essence, Sona and his over-lords are fearful of the student vote and attempted to stop the U of G students from exercising their democratic right and rendering the votes already cast as null and void. Had Sona been successful in stealing the box, you can bet it would have miraculously "disappeared" once it was determined the vote was legal.

And now it is alleged that either Sona or his over-lord were seen filming U of G students in line waiting to vote, yet another federal offense.

So good citizens of Guelph, seeing as the Harper Cons have made it easier for Canadians to make a citizens arrest, feel free to tackle, detain and hog-tie the fascist Michael Sona. His condition when turned over to police is entirely up to you. Let the Harper Cons know that Canadians will not stand for attempts at intimidation and suppression of their democratic right to vote. These are federal offenses, and it's time the Harper Cons started paying the price.

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