Wednesday, April 27, 2011

sona You Fascist, Come Stop Me From Voting, I DARE YOU!

Well there are a mere five days left till election day. There is still some major ground to be made up in order to show the cons their brand of theocracy isn't welcome here in Canada. 

Yes, there are definitely some important issues that bear close attention. Certainly more so than the issue I am venting my spleen about at the moment. But this one is particularly important to me as an individual citizen.  

The Fascist michael sona remains at large. Apparently, he is still active in the Guelph Con campaign and has orchestrated such base  and unethical gestures as planting Con propaganda vans near advanced polling stations (elections Canada didn't have the cajonies to call the acts "illegal"  because the propaganda was on "wheels").

So you've tried to intimidate  school girls to stop them from voting sona, I'd call you "mister" but the title requires you own a set of testicles, which you clearly, do not. You attempted to steal a legal Elections Canada ballot box , a crime which should have automatically resulted in your being sentenced to be somebody's bitch in Milhaven for a number of years.

You've tried to disrupt and suppress voting at legitimate advanced polling stations through the use of near sighted neanderthals as scrutineers. 
Oh, and apparently, you like to play with guns. Probably to make up for your own lack of reproductive equipment. But alas, I digress.

You're acts of attempted suppression and I dare say, sedition, are a personal affront to all freedom loving citizens of this country. Why citizens of Canada have not taken you to task for your criminal acts by now is beyond me. Probably, because they feel you are a waste of their time.  You are a very little man with some very little ideas.

But I'd like to see sona, just how active you intend to be on the day of the big show, election day.  Id love to see you try your petty antics on that day. I'd love sona, to see you try to snatch the ballot out of a freedom loving citizen's hands that day. I'd love if you tried to snatch the ballot out of MY hands sona. In fact you lily-livered limp-wristed sociopath, I DARE you to try to stop me from voting. I DARE you to try to steal the ballot box at my polling station. I DARE you to show up with your Con propaganda vans. Let's see you try to stop democracy in action come May 2nd. I'll be waiting.

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