Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Face of Evil

So here you go folks, photographic evidence that the Fascist Michael Sona was in fact, in attendance at the U of G Special poll on April 13th. As yet, no pictures have come to light that show Sona actually trying to grab the ballot box, but there remains plenty of eye witnesses to his attempted crime.

Fortunately, the 700 Guelph votes still stand. But because of the actions of this petty Fascist henchman, special polls are now banned from the other Universities across the country that had vote mobs planned in order to facilitate student voting.

So my question remains, why is this man not in police custody as yet. Why has he not been arrested either by the authorities or by citizen's arrest for the federal crimes of attempting to steal a legitimate Elections Canada Ballot box and attempting to  obstruct a perfectly legal vote from occurring.  This blackguard has committed crimes not only against the students of Canada, but against all Canadian citizens by attempting to stifle the democratic rights of the U of G students to vote.  

Sona is a reflection of the Party that employs him. Notice how the Harper-Cons have not only NOT fired this raging-bully, they have protected him. Why? Because Stephen Harper cares even less about democracy and the student vote than Sona does.

So get out there and vote any way students, even if you can't do so on campus. Remember the party and the man who tried to stop you from exercising your democratic rights.  Vote the Government of Harper out of office and see that the Fascist Sona goes to jail for his attempts to stifle democracy and keep you from voting.                                                    

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