Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hey Canada! Wake Up and Smell the Friggin Coffee!

We're into the home stretch here in Election 41 and the Cons polling numbers still hover somewhere between the 30 and 40% mark.

Doing the rough math, that represents about 12,000,000 Canukleheads. But of course, not all citizens are eligible voters as yet. So if roughly 50% of us eligible voters actually turn out to vote, that's between 5,000,000 and 6,000,000 Con supporters (rough estimate of course). Can there really be so many misinformed and/or misguided Canadians?

How can this many citizens of one the most open and free societies in the world be so ok with a regime that lies and misleads the electorate as a matter of standard operating procedure? Can so many good Canadians really accept that a leader and his party cheats, steals, misrepresents, cares nothing for the rights of ALL our citizenry and deems women as a visible minority to be controlled?

In the Canada that I know and love, ALL people have the same rights and are to be treated equally. Immigrants and their families are welcomed with open arms to join our society, to work for a better life and to contribute to our wonderful national tapestry. Families, their health and their daily struggles mean more than large corporations or the backward,  exclusive dogma of some antiquated   quasi-religion.

In the Canada most of us have come to embrace, ALL religions are acceptable so long as they inflict no harm nor hate. Everyone has a rightful place and women are full partners in the maintenance of our great society. And they have the right to say what happens to their bodies and to advocate for themselves and the well being of their children.

NONE of those things are on the Harper agenda. Maintaining power at any and all cost and reshaping Canada into some vile, loathsome, blighted farce are the only things that are. In fact, the only promise Harper intends to keep is the one where he said that we won't recognize Canada by the time he's done changing it. If that doesn't send shivers down our collective national spines,  I don't know what would.

Some say the reason so may Canuckleheads would vote conservative is because they want "certainty" or some semblance of "security" in their daily lives. Does a man who employs felons, fraudsters, thieves and sociopaths and regularly excuses their many and varied indiscretions inspire much in the way of "certainty" or "security"?

Does a party  that bullies and stoops to any sort of dirty trick, no matter how low or sordid then systematically sets out to destroy anyone who would dare blow the whistle on them inspire confidence as the party that represents the best interests of the country or it's citizens?

And let us not forget good citizens, this so called "Conservative" party, is Conservative in name only. They usurped the name with the help of the traitor Peter McKay. This group is really the westerncentric oil-patch lovin rednecks from Alberta that used to call themselves the Reform Party. The same one Harper was a co-founder of along with Preston Manning. The Same Reform Party that changed their name to the Alliance Party and was led by the that guy who believes the world is 6,000 years old and that men walked  with dinosaurs. You know the guy, the President of the Treasury Board, Stockwell Day?

I suppose that it doesn't help to inspire confidence in the "Coalition Alternative", as  trustworthy and in keeping with Canadian values as it would be when they are squabbling amongst themselves. But a truly democratic alternative that works in concert to retain and maintain our social safety net and to safeguard our charter rights still has to be the best and only choice for those of us who truly love our great country.

Remember fellow Canadians, what happened to the true Conservative party at the end of the Mulroney era? They were practically voted out of existence by a disenchanted electorate. And that government was absolutely immaculate compared to the collection of thugs and ideologues that currently carry the conservative name. So wake up and smell the coffee Canada, It's time these pretenders suffered the same fate.

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