Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CBC News - Canada - SCOTT REID: Harper's caucus control unravelling

CBC News - Canada - SCOTT REID: Harper's caucus control unravelling

Well perhaps there is hope yet for democracy in Canada. Until now, I had thought it would take a full out military coup to oust Stephen Harper from power. And with his down fall, his mob of thieves would be caught up in the hoopla and also experience their own rather un-seemly political demise.

But now, it seems there is beginning to be resistance from within his own caucus. It's all very small examples, and few and far between, but as the article by Scott Reid suggests, it's a beginning. Perhaps, like Jim Prentice, Harper's collection of "Rats" are sensing the unsinkable Tory-Tanic has sprung a leak and are looking for ways to safely jump ship. Lets hope the Captain goes down with the ship.

But it could also be a matter of time as well. As Reid suggests, people who are controlled by the whip will turn on their handler at the first opportunity. And while Conservative support continues to hover at around the 30% mark, Harper's string of political gaffes (which usually results in one of his Cabinet Minister's taking the fall so that Harper can save face) his blatantly undemocratic indiscretions and his "Damn the Torpedo's" attitude, perhaps the cowered Conservative riff-raff sense that opportunity is near.

But I sincerely hope that, like peter MacKay, the electorate and the current opposition parties remember the heinous deeds and slanderous remarks made by Harper's Cons when their ship finally sinks and they go looking for redemption. Unlike soldiers in war, the: "I was just following orders" defense does not apply here. They all collectively allowed this man to control their every thought and move. They surrendered their reason and their very souls to Harper the Terrible. They should all go down with him. Their political careers should be over.

I especially hope that if Peter MacKay seeks to cross the floor to one of the opposition parties, they collectively tell him to go to hell. The man cannot be trusted. He betrayed the once proud Progressive Conservative party all for the sake of power and privilege. And he got all that in spades, including the Model that currently hangs off his arm., His loyalties were bought and paid for by Harper, and he loses no sleep what so ever in changing the colour of tie he wears if it provides him with opportunity. He should be shunned, sent into political exile once his handler has fallen.

So keep an eye out folks, the inevitable fall of Stephen Harper may finally be upon us. And I shall enjoy his fall from grace immensely, for no other Prime Minister in the history of the Nation has cared so little about it's people or it's well being. And I hope his willful unethical and undemocratic acts dog him the rest of his days.

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