Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Results of Previous Poll

Ok, so four votes isn't really representative of Canadian Society. 

But still, I find it interesting that of the very very few people who decided to vote on the last poll, all four of them thought that the current Canadian Government's Ethics were....well,.... not only unethical, but criminal. 

There was ample opportunity for moderates and Pro Reform Conservatives to also vote on this poll. The categories were well balanced. Though I suppose one might argue that moderates and pro Reform Conservative types are less likely to read this blog. 

Never-the-less , where there is one dissenting voice, there are likely to be others. We can only hope that one day, Harper and his thieving band of Robber Barons (The Reform Conservatives) will be held accountable for their abuses of power in much the same way that the Jean Chretien Liberal government was and is still paying the price for the "Sponsorship Scandal".

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