Thursday, November 25, 2010

Harper and Baird, Eco-Terrorists.

Climate-change agency winds down as federal funding ends

We already knew that Prime Minister Stephan Harper has no environmental agenda aside from depriving Canada of a meaningful one and interfering in other countries efforts to establish reasonably effective targets. Being the good Albertan that he is, Harper is more interested in protecting the oil sands, the worst polluter in the country. So damn the environment.

But here is one more example of Harper's anti-environmental policy. He pulls funding for The Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Science amid revelations that the Canadian Coast Guard vessel "Amundsen" which is specially equipped to study climate change in the arctic, has been leased to both Imperial Oil and British Petroleum. That's British Petroleum as in B.P. The very same B.P. that that was responsible for the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico last summer.

So Harper and his trained Monkey, John Baird are not only actively blocking efforts in Canada and abroad to set meaningful emissions targets, and cutting funding into the research of climate change in Canada, they are inviting Oil companies to use a Canadian Research vessel into the high arctic to look for oil. They aren't just dragging their feet on climate change, they are walking, running backwards. And how much their backward momentum will impact on Canada's ability to set meaningful emissions targets before it's too late is anybody's guess. Not only that, scientists have estimated that the majority of the worlds oil reserves will be badly depleted to the point of causing global economic disater long before a viable alternative form of energy is developed for public consumption. Why? Because we are addicted to oil and People like Harper and Baird want us to stay that way.

Canada had the opportunity to become world leaders in the research and development of alternative forms of energy. Stephan Dion, the former leader of the Liberal Party developed policy and was an aggressive proponent of research in that area. Harper knew that and saw him as a danger to his pro-oil sands policy and dedicated all of his energy into discrediting Dion. And his spin doctoring and lying worked. And now because of the criminal anti-environmental dictates of Harper, we will at some point, be reliant on the rest of the world for the acquisition of new technologies.

I've said it before and it bears repeating. Harper and Baird aren't just "soft" on the environment, they are flaming Eco-terrorists. I have to wonder if there is anyone in the world, outside of Saudi Arabia perhaps, who is more of a criminal in protecting the causes for our drastic climate change and blocking the worlds efforts to correct it. And in addition, he is doing his part to ensure the certainty of global economic disaster while paying only lip-service to the development of alternative sources of energy.

Harper and Baird are Eco-terrorists. They need to be held accountable for their criminal activity, their active participation in the downfall of the worlds economy and our environment. They both should be imprisoned for life in one of those nice new shinny jails they want to build for their artificial crisis on crime. For they have knowingly threatened the very lives of not only our children, but our grandchildren as well.

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