Saturday, November 27, 2010

Welcome to the Totalitarian Regime Known as Canada

Is Harper systematically ‘snuffing’ out democracy in Senate? - The Globe and Mail

It goes with out saying that Harper already has systematically snuffed out democracy in the Senate. He has found a way to impose his will on the country while maintaining little more than 30% of the popular vote.

So it doesn't matter what happens in the House of Commons anymore. Only Harper Con bills will be passed through the Senate while Liberal, Bloc, NDP or Independent bills, unless they are supported by the "Dark Regime", will die on the order paper. The only thing the Upper Chamber has no power to effect, are votes of non-confidence and of course we know that if that were to occur, Harper has no compunction what so ever about proroguing the House.

So here we are folks, Canada voted this man into power instead that funny little guy from Quebec with the horribly thick French accent- you know the one, the Climate change guy. The electorate gave this man the reigns of power and the result is a totalitarian Government. For those who thought it would never happen here, wake up and smell the coffee. It has arrived. Democracy has officially died in Canada. Harper is now absolute ruler. We live in a Totalitarian regime.

The House of Commons has become a mere formality now for Harper. A very thinly disguised sham to create the illusion of real discussion, debate and democracy. Of course we know there has been no real discussion or debate in the Lower House for quite some time now. There has been the mad railings of a deeply divided left and a government that answers no questions at all. They blame, deflect, lie and take no responsibility what so ever. So in that regard, the House has already become a pail shadow of it's former self. And in addition, The Cons choose which committees they will report to, subpoena or no subpoena. So there is no form of accountability in that venue either.

One has to wonder then, at which point M.P.s from the other parties will stop attending the Lower House, knowing that their presence is absolutely useless, opening the way for The Dark Lord to dispense with parliament all together, thus completing his hold on power. This may sound extreme, and it might well be that Harper needs the Lower House in order for his regime to have the appearance of credibility. And we know it only has to have that illusion for the other Western Democratic powers to support it. Otherwise, we could find ourselves as isolated and alone as Iran or North Korea.

But all rhetoric aside, now that Harper has discovered the way to give his minority government absolute power, look for him to start back-tracking on those big-ticket grass roots issues that he has passed over thus far. Say good-bye to: the Long Gun Registry, gay marriage, legal abortion, women's rights, aboridginal rights, multiculturalism, a meaningful climate change strategy, and autonomy from our American cousins. Say hello to: the death penalty, a country where big business has more power than the provinces and whose concerns take precedence over those of Canadians (See the demise of the Nortell bill below), the rise of the Church and it's intermingling with the State, and a backward society that more closely resembles a Mennonite or Amish village than a modern, forward thinking progressive society.

An age of impending darkness is looming large, yet as a country, we seem either powerless to change it, or completely disinterested. Our elected officials, the three opposition parties are so deeply divided that they are wholly incapable of checking Harper's rise to dominance. We have become a nation, divided and afraid of our own shadows thanks to Harper and his minions, rather than the strong, independent unique country that has been the envy of the world for it's tolerance and contribution to world peace. Our identity is in danger of being taken away from us and replaced by backward ideology. And the only people capable of stopping this horrific mutation is us, the Canadian electorate. We get what we deserve. If this man is not stopped, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

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