Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This Tin Pot Dictator Needs to Go and He Needs to Go NOW!

NDP outraged as Senate kills climate change bill

Harper, when elected for his second stint with a minority government in 2008, stated he had no intentions of appointing any Senators to the Upper Chamber. He has since then, appointed no less than 32, allowing the Conservatives to have a majority in the house of "Sober Second Thought". And in a move that hasn't been seen in over 70 years, he used his majority in the Senate to squash the NDPs Environment Bill that had previously been passed through Parliament. Once again, circumventing the democratic process to impose his own will. 

Harper has Prorogued Parliament not once but twice to stave off non-confidence votes and maintain his tenuous hold on power rather than allowing the Democratic process to take it's course. 

He has refused to allow Parliament to vote on Canada's new Training mission in Afghanistan that will keep Canadian forces in that country until 2014.

He has circumvented the Ethical agreement made in the House of Commons that forbade M.P.s from using tax payers dollars to advertise in Bi-election riding's, by instead, allowing his Senators to do so. 

And now this.....This man obviously has no shame, but he also has no respect what so ever for the democratic process and will stoop to any means to have his agenda, or his will implemented and to cling to power. This Tin Pot Dictator needs to go and he needs to go NOW!

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, this rather well dressed representation of a Harper appointed Senator (left) is Bob Runciman, the very same  Bob Runciman who was Ontario Provincial Minister of Corrections under Mike Harris (explains the taste in apparel) and  who failed to win a seat in Parliament in 2008.

So Harper has promised Senate reform. And he carried through on that promise. He has thoroughly discredited an important piece of the law making process in Canada, that part that provides the "checks and balances" to the process. He has crammed the Upper House full of his mindless partisan stooges in an effort to make it harder and harder for Canadians to defy his will. Harper doesn't want power, he wants absolute power.

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