Friday, November 26, 2010

Tory senators poised to kill bill for disabled Nortel pensioners

Tory senators poised to kill bill for disabled Nortel pensioners -

Once again, Harper dispenses with democracy.

The upper chamber, loaded with Harper appointees (The man who claimed he would never appoint a Senator), is set to kill a bill proposed by Liberal M.P. Art Eggleton.

The bill itself, is a proposal to protect the 400 some odd Nortell Employees currently on long term disability. Nortell is filing for bankruptcy. Mr. Eggleton has proposed that these employees be given "preferred status" among creditors, ensuring that the 400 would not be left empty handed once the company dissolves.

On the surface of it, this seems like a very reasonable and humane piece of legislation that would allow employees who can't work anymore, to gain some measure of support by moving them to the front of the line when it comes time to divvy up the few remaining assets of the failed company.

But the Harper Cons, staying true to form, would rather pander to big business in Canada and abroad, by ensuring they get their slice of the pie before honest Canadian citizens do.

The rational for killing a bill that would otherwise seem like an obvious no brainer is unclear. It could be that the Conservatives are afraid of setting a precedent that could effect the dissolution of companies in the future by ensuring that disabled employees be given preferred status in those proceedings as well.

So it would seem that Heir Harper is going out of his way this time to be just plain mean-spirited. As it stands, these 400 disabled employees will lose all benefits by the end of the year, thus guaranteeing these souls a life of misery and uncertainty. Perhaps, eventually dooming them to poverty. And since Conservative rising star Julian Fantino feels that poverty is a crime, perhaps room will be made for the ex-employees in one of Harper's new prisons.

Has there ever been such a glaring example of just how little Harper and his merry band of thugs cares about Canadian citizens? He has the opportunity to do the right thing for Canadians who, through no fault of their own, can no longer work. Yet he is poised to circumvent democracy for the second time in three weeks just to ensure that these people get screwed over by the bankruptcy system in Canada. True, the creditors, the big banks for example, will be walking away with only a fraction of their original investments, but they can at least walk and will continue to do business. These 400 Canadian citizens cannot.

So Harper is no longer content with risking the lives of my children and yours with his criminal actions around the environment. He is now zeroing in on the lives of current disabled Canadians as well. And his list of heinous crimes grows longer and longer as more bodies pile up in his wake. But we can only hope that one day, Harper will be held accountable for his crimes. And perhaps he will be given the same treatment as those Afghan detainees that he has absolutely no regard for. What goes around comes around Mr. Harper.

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