Monday, November 22, 2010

More proof of the Conservatives "bad math and out-right lies"

And once again, proof positive that the Harper Cons rule by fear mongering, spin doctoring and out-right lying. 

This is the second time with in the space of a week that the Reform/Conservative government has been caught throwing around false or vastly over inflated numbers in an effort to "scare" Canadians into buying their agenda.

The first was when it was revealed that Harper's assertion that allowing UAE's two national airlines greater access to Canadian airspace would cost Canadians "tens of thousands" of jobs. It has since been refuted and shown there could also be benefits to allowing the two airlines increased access to Canadian Markets.

And now this. When killing the Long Gun Registry was being hotly debated, Harper claimed that it would save Canadian taxpayers "tens of millions of dollars" (there's those tens again) if the Registry were scraped. A new study has shown however, the the actual savings to tax payers each year would be about $1.5 million. Quite a discrepancy.

In addition, the study found that there were two positive outcomes to scraping the Registry: the paltry savings to tax payers as well as saving the inconvenience for gun owners. But in addition, it was found that there would be 20 "costs" to ending the Registry, meaning ways in which ending the program would have a negative impact including increased risk to the public and police.

And this report was made public to the RCMP in August while the debate raged on in September. So what happened to this information?

The Conservatives sat on it.

They would not allow this information to be made public as it would scuttle their plan to dump the registry.  And it would disprove their over inflated estimations of the savings to the public. But what is most scary is, with this report verifying the increased risk to public safety as a result of scraping the Long Gun Registry, it demonstrated the Conservatives willingness to put the lives or Canadian men, women and police at greater risk, all for the sake of cramming their agenda down out throats.

These Reformist Harper Cons care about clinging to power  and they care about inflicting their backward back woods ideology. And they will lie cheat and steal to accomplish their goals. They care nothing about the nation or it's people. They are out right liars who will stoop to any extreme to have their agenda pushed in our faces. And when that won't work, they will dispense with democracy all together.

When will this corrupt mob be held accountable for their actions? Why are they still being allowed to hold on to the reins of power in this country? They are deserving of our scorn and of lengthy jail sentences for defrauding an entire nation, not of being allowed to continue running it. 

When are the other three parties going to put their differences aside and say "enough"! They almost did in 2008 when Stephan Dion came with in a hare's-breath of becoming Prime Minister by cobbling together a coalition of the other parties to form a majority in Parliament. But Harper cried "fowl" accusing the Liberals of getting into bed with the "Socialists and the Separatists". He whined that this coalition of the majority of the MPs in the house were not elected to run the country, only he was (with his 30% of the popular vote). And he managed to convince Canadians of this bizarre  backward logic. And he subsequently had Parliament Prorogued as his last ditch hope of clinging to power. And to this day, when all else fails, he still points a bony finger across the isle in the House of Commons and cries "coalition-coalition" as though it were a bad thing. 

I would rather have a coalition of elected members with a majority then a lying minority government. And if the three parties can't decide on who should be Prime Minister, how about offering Elizabeth May the job.

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